Foster Care Fortnight is the national awareness campaign headed up by national charity The Fostering Network. It aims to not only raise the profile of fostering but to increase awareness around the power of fostering to transform the lives of children and young people.

The theme of the campaign this year is #changeafuture and highlights the difference a foster carer can make to a young person can be truly life-changing. The safety, love and support a carer offers changes the future of that child or young person and can set them on a path to achieve.

The experience will also be life-changing for the foster carer and their family. All foster carers would say being a fostering household can be challenging sometimes but equally they would all agree the rewards for you and your family are incredible.

Currently just over 55,000 children are living with fostering families in England and The Fostering Network estimate 8,000 new foster families are now needed to meet demand. There is particularly a need for carers for sibling groups, those with disabilities and older teenagers.

With such a great need now is the time to start finding out more about taking those first steps towards becoming a foster carer. Why not contact the team this foster care fortnight and start that journey to change a future?