October sees the return of the Sons and Daughters of fostering families awareness month sponsored by the Fostering Network. This great event highlights the important role that birth children play in the fostering process. The vital support and input these young people give to their families’ placements are often overlooked and the month offers a chance to celebrate the wonderful work they do.

As we tell all our applicants it is the whole household that fosters and many people do not realise the impact fostering may have on their own children. Thankfully the experience is one which will also enrich the life of the fostering family. As well as helping the young person in care it will also give the sons and daughters in the house a chance to mature and grow themselves.

Part of the celebrations see the Islington fostering service organise outings or activities for the sons and daughters involved in fostering. Looking back, we have found a few pictures of past events this group have enjoyed. A big shout out and well done to all young people involved in fostering!