Veena has dedicated almost half her life to looking after foster children.

Inspired by her own difficult childhood, the 66-year-old has been a foster carer for an amazing 32 years.

Veena, who was relocated from one auntie to the next growing up, said she was determined, as a foster carer, to offer the support, understanding and stability she felt she never had. Over time, Veena has fostered in excess of 20 children, raised three of her own and also played mum to four nieces and nephews.

“It can be very challenging but life is filled with challenges”

“If it was your own child who needed help you would stand there and support them and, to me, this is the same.

“These children just need to be loved.”

Veena, currently has two teenagers in her care, can testify to the rewards.

“Most of the children I’ve raised still call, send cards and come back and visit,” she said.

“Some have children of their own now, some are studying at university.

“I get personal satisfaction seeing them do well, even if that just means they are taking care of themselves. That makes me feel that what I’m doing is worthwhile.”