“Living at home with my parents was becoming very problematic… social services got involved and a decision was made that it was no longer safe for my sisters and I to continue living at home. A few weeks later I was collected from school by a social worker and was told my sister’s and I were going to live with a foster family.

When we arrived at the house for the first time we met our foster carers, this middle aged couple and their granddaughter, fortunately they were all very welcoming, friendly and accommodating. I can remember feeling scared and being the eldest I worried for my sister’s, not knowing if we would remain together and not really knowing what to expect.

Fortunately my sisters were able to stay together as the foster carers had the space and agreed to have us; I now know my youngest sister would have been put up for adoption if our foster carers did not agree to take all three of us.

At first I made things really difficult for my foster carers, not listening to what they had to say, returning late, absconding from school and being quite challenging in every way I could  without any thought or regards to how my behaviour was impacting on my carers. This went on for some time, from what I can remember it was probably about two years but throughout my disruptive and challenging period, my foster carers continued to stick by me and showed that they were not going to give up on me.”