A new way of working in this present climate – online information sessions.

Due to the current COVID 19 situation we are unable to run face-to-face sessions so we have now started our online information sessions on our Facebook page. We add a new one each fortnight and you can view our past sessions through this link: past information sessions

If you have watched our session and are confident you want to move forward with your journey your next step would be to contact the team, 020 7527 7933 or through or through the enquiry form link at the top right of the screen. Although now home based the recruitment team are working as usual, so can still answer your questions and help you to get the fostering process underway.

This longer phone discussion with a social worker would look at you and your household make-up, your motivations to foster and also your experiences with looking after children, either through your employment or family relationships. 

After your call, if you and the social worker have agreed we can send you out a more in-depth application form that will tell us a bit more about yourself. If you would like we can also arrange a call from one of our existing foster carers. This will allow you to ask questions and hear from the horse’s mouth what the day-to-day of fostering is really like.